Le Bal de la Riviera, Estoril 2015


Le Bal de la Riviera it is a charitable gala held by Prince Charles Philippe, Prince of France, in Estoril Portugal, by the end of the european summer.

Just for your reference the grandfather of Prince Charles Philippe was Henri, Count of Paris, the Orleanist pretender to the french throne, as such, Charles Philippe, oldest of two, takes the traditional royal rank of Petit fils de France with the style of Royal Highness.

Prince Charles Philippe was kind enough to give me his book where I will get to understand all about his ancestors and actual life as a Prince.

Estoril: Ball of the Riviera.

Arrival of Prince Alberto of Monaco with Princess Marie Gabriele de Savoy

He is married to the lovely Diana Alvares Pereira de Melo, 11th Duchess of Cadaval, from Portugal 


Prince Alberto of Monaco, Princess Diana De Orleans and Prince Charles Philippe De Orleans

Awardees Bernard Fautrier Sonia Falcone Prince Albert of Monaco

Awardees Bernard Fautrier Sonia Falcone Prince Albert Of Monaco

This Gala is a fairy tail… It is an event where the royals from Europe come together to support Charles and his charity.

Here below all the pictures with the respective names of the royals. 



Philippe Starck and Paula Ferreira

Philippe Starck and Paula Ferreira

Le bal de la Riviere

Prince Albert of Monaco

Princesses Beatrice of Orléans Antonella of Orléans Bourbon and Ira von Furstemberg

Princesses Beatrice of Orleans Antonella of Orleans Bourbon and Ira Von Fustemberg


Lady Victoria Hervey


Lady Monika Bacardi and David Swaelen

Princesses Clotilde and Béatrice of Orléans with Grand Duke George of Russia

Grand Duke George of Russia and Princess Beatrice D’Orleans


Nuria Carte, Torero Alejandro Hank and Barbara Coppel


Princess and Prince D’Orleans


Prince and Princess of Ligne and Isabela Orsini


Prince Michel of Yugoslavia


Princess Beatrice d’Orleans, Pietro Meschi, Princess Ira Furstenberg and Princess Antonella D’Orleans Bourbon


Princess Marie Gabrielle of Savoy and Nanni Rondanini


Prince Tania Bourbon Parme and Louis Arnaudl’Herbier

Estoril: Ball of the Riviera.


With Prince D’Orleans, Mr, Kroff and Mua


 Live auction by Christie's with special message of Leonardi DiCaprio Portuguese actress on stage as Master of Ceremonies Show during the Gala    IMG_7808 (1) IMG_7827


Acá un video con entrevistas y mas del Bal de la Riviera