Cannes Film Festival 2015




 We got a ride to Cannes on our friend’s Thomas Gross airplane who hosted us and our friends in Cannes during the film Festival on his superb yacht ”Galaxy”.


IMG_4046 IMG_4045IMG_4052IMG_4055IMG_4051

 My fiancé Milutin and I didn’t come alone to stay on board of  ”Galaxy”, since Thomas and us were alone on this largely comfortable yacht that can host up to 12 guest, we invited few friends that had assignments over Cannes during the film festival to stay with us, among them where Adriana Lima and her cousin Mauricio, Adrien Broody with his girlfriend Lara Leito and my dear friend the Duches of York Sarah Ferguson. They stayed with us during this very hectic festival, full of events and paparazzis, but our friend Thomas was already getting used to the stars, after all we already introduced him to Sharon Stone last year and considering that he and his girlfriend at the time were alone on his boat, and Sharon was getting bother by way to many paparazzi’s where she was staying at that time,  we asked him to please host her and her manager on his fabulous yacht and of course Thomas was delighted to do so.


Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson walking out of Galaxy on her way to Amfar





First tuxedo on for the boys this year and they look very sharp, and my first gown of Cannes 2015, a beautiful Vionnet with amazing matching deco earrings from ChopardIMG_4027


IMG_4041IMG_4011 IMG_4005IMG_4008

We head to the opening of ”Cannes film festival 2105”. As my friend Thomas was alone this year, I invited the gorgeous Timeline Valade, who wore Ulyana Sergeenko Couture and very delicate Chopard jewelry. 





Next day Len Blavatnik hosted a lunch on his Yacht ”Odessa” that lasted until the evening where ”Icona Pop” (Ring a bell ”I don’t care! I Love it”?) perform just for us, it was great, I loved it!

Odessa's yacht

Odessa Yacht


With The ICONA POP members Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo




And next morning I headed to the Cannes film festival organization office to get my credentials and the official Cannes film festival bag with all the information and schedule of this year festival. As usual the service is great and everything is very well organized, but I can indeed sense the excitement of everyone in there, ready to star the crazy but fabulous Cannes!


Cannes film festival credentials




After that I went to visit my friends at Karla Otto, who are the best fashion PR in the world, with their showroom during the festival located at the Martinez Hotel. I choose an amazing Ulyana Seergenko and Bulgary sunglasses, both with a 50’s touch for tomorrow’s brunch.


 Today we are going to the annual David Unger’s Cannes brunch, which it is the finest during the festival. Jet setting vive, where they make you feel like a movie star, well, there is plenty of movie stars there so I guess everyone feels that way. First there is a 15 minutes helicopter ride organized for all the guest, flying over the beach of Cannes, passing close to the yachts, turning into the hills to arrive at this amazing Villa looking over the ocean with a breath taking view. The food, champagne and company were exquisite.


At David’s Unger brunch wearing an Ulyana Sergeenko, Bulgary shades, Sergio Rossi pumps



IMG_4224 IMG_4194 IMG_4190 IMG_4226


Getting ready for the CHOPARD PARTY.




Chopard is one the offcials brand of the Cannes film festival, and you will see most of the movie stars, models and celebrities wearing the big Chopard master pieces for the red carpet.


 My dress is an elegant Ulyana Seergenko couture, and this stunning diamond choker from Chopard…


Chopard flew in the most beautiful women on earth for the presentation of his new collection, among them my gorgeous friends Adriana Lima and the stunning Toni Garn.

Uma Thurma is there among many other stars, and so lots of press. Robin Williams performs and then a big list of celebrities arrived.


Fashion TV en la fiesta de Chopard


We threw the best party of the festival in our boat, every one came, Naomi Campbell, Eva Longoria, and so many friends among our dear Leonardo Dicaprio, of course all the top models where there and even Paris Hilton came over and guess what happen… now Thomas and Paris are happily dating.



I wore a beautiful and fresh long silk dress from ”Luisa Beccaria”, and jewelry from Grisogono.


I always get presents from different brands that want to promote their products during Cannes, here I got full on sun protection from PHYTO, ready for the summer!



I have chosen another art deco Vionnet and obviously jewelry from Grisogono showroom at the Martinez. I went for something more cool and young, and so my hair was a little undone for a more easy feeling


The event was great as always, at the Eden Roc Hotel, lots of stars among Natalie Portman and Cara Delevingne.

This year they had an impressive video mapping. Featuring the playful grapes of gems and firework colours of Grappoli moving briolettes while Alice in Wonderland theme was played.

Following the dinner which hosted around 500 people and it was a bit of a chaos for us cause someone, who I know… took the table they had for us and our guest, but anyhow is always a pleasure to be there and have a laugh with friends.

The after party was as always next to the pool of the hotel, this year performance was by Robin Thick, followed by DJ Jack E and Dj Julio, it was great fun but also way to many people so unfortunately we stay briefly.


Martinez Hotel.



I’ve stayed here most of the times that I have had the pleasure to join the Cannes film festival, and by now you must have realized that at The Martinez everything is happening. The lobby is fill up with movie stars that even if they don’t stay there, they have to come to the showrooms to choose the dresses and jewelry for the upcoming events during the festival.

Also L’oreal have their head quarters here with a studio on location, and they also shoot on the roof and stairs everyday, so you may see all of the L’oreal faces around the hotel, including my favorites fabulous friends Natasha Poly and Eva Longoria.

The security to enter the hotel is very though, since there are people standing outside waiting for their favorite star all day long, and when you hear the screams you know someone has arrived, the thing is that this happens all day long every five minutes… but is a part of the magic of Cannes.



And now comes the cherry of the cake, Amfar Cannes. 

This needs a post of it’s self, that actually I did already above this one, but I will resume it for you; ”The best event of Cannes film festival”, every one wants to come to support the cause to find a cure for Aids and to end with the stigma of this sickness, and while there to support, also take a look at every single star that it is in Cannes at that moment and to enjoy a tremendous auction and a great show.


Adriana Lima leaving Galaxy on her way to Amfar


I’m so delighted that Amfar has evolutionated this way. I remember 15 years a go when it used to be at ”Moulin de Mougins” and they were getting 300,000 per auction. Even in 2010 I remember the auction total was something around  3.5 million dollars, and since my fiancé has gotten so much involved in the past few years in helping the auction, it has avail to elevate this summe to a 35 million dollars last year! And not only helping Amfar Cannes but in Milan, Los Angeles, New York and Hong kong. I’m so very proud of Milutin’s effort and his philatropic work achievement. 

   IMG_3898 IMG_3902                                    

I was selected as one of the best dressed by Vogue Dutch.

What an honor!


My dress was from Gabriela Cadena, the marvelous jewelry piece from Chopard and the great hair by Anthony Cristiano.


Usually how it goes, is that first you pick a dress and then the jewelry that goes with it, but in this case it was the way around. In one of my visits to Chopard at their showroom in the Martinez, I saw the most beautiful piece of jewelry I have ever seen… ”La plume”, emeralds and diamonds with the shape of a feather as it’s name recalls. 


”La Plume” from CHOPARDAfter I saw that  piece I went around Cannes’s showrooms looking for a dress that would fit ”La plume”, and I jackpot! with the stunning low cut from Gabriela Cadena in royal blue, a perfect match for the emerald.

After I saw that  piece I went around Cannes’s showrooms looking for a dress that would fit ”La plume”, and I jackpot with the stunning low cut from Gabriela Cadena in royal blue, a perfect match for the emerald.

With such an important piece of jewelry because of the insurance, I needed to have a certified body gard with me all night, so I felt very important and protected all nigh, and also he would not let me go far with it…


With Mauricio and Adriana Lima


 After such intense two weeks of festival, we deserve a moment of relax, so we embarked with our friend Alex Von Fustenberg on his yacht towards Saint Tropez for lunch at Club 55, to get a taste of what the summer will bring,


IMG_4645     IMG_4607                                              

And surely it will be amazing!

Au revoir Cannes! merci pour un an 2015 fantastic!